Irish History Timeline (Annals)

Date    Event
312    Constantine “converted” to Christianity
314    Paschal Controversy: Council of Arles
350?    Ninian of Galloway
371    Birth of Patrick (Annals of 4 Masters)
385? (371?)    Birth of Patrick
395 – 430    Augustine bishop of Hippo.
387 – 393    Patrick as slave in Ireland (at age 16 – 22).
395+    British ask Rome for support against Irish raiders.
400    Pelagius (British) and Coelestius (Irish) in Rome.
405 (387?)    Patrick as slave in Ireland (at age 16 – 22)
408    Invasion of Italy by Visigoths.
410    Romans leave Britain.
411 (393?)    Patrick’s escape
414 (432?)    Patrick’s mission to Ireland (at least 45 years old).
429    Germanus first arrival in Britain to combat Pelagianism.
431    Pelladius sent to Ireland by Celestine
432 (414?)    Patrick’s mission to Ireland
432    Death of Ninian
447    Germanus second arrival in Britain
440-450    Anglo-Saxon Invasion
450 (?)    “Birth” of Brigit of Kildare (?)
454    Paschal Controversy: intro of Victorian Cycle (mainland Europe) to replace what became known as Celtic-84
455    Vandals sack Rome
461 460? 465?    Death of Patrick?
476-480    End of Western Roman Empire
484    Birth of Brendan
484    Enda of Aran founds monastery in Inishmore
490?    Victory of Britons (King Arthur?) over the Anglo-Saxons.
500    Búite establishes Monasterboice
520    Death of Brigit of Kildare (?)
525    Paschal Controversy: intro of Dionisiac Cycle.
521    Birth of Columcille (Gartan, Co. Donegal)
530    Death of Arthur
530    Finnian establishes Clonard
530    Finnian trains “twelve apostles of Ireland” Ciaran of Saiger, Ciaran of Clonmacnois, Brendan of Clonfert, Brendan of Birr, Columcille of Derry, Durrow and Iona, Colmán of Terryglass, Molaisse of Devenish, Canice of Aghaboe, Ruadán of Lorrha, Mobhi of Glasnevin, Sinell of Cleenish, Ninidh of Inishmacsaint.
543    Birth of Columban (Leinster)
540    Death of Enda of Aran
542-549    The Plague, natural disasters, crop failure, famine throughout Europe
549    Death of Finnian of Clonard (by the Plague)
558    Brendan ‘the Navigator’ founds Clonfert.
558    Comgall founds Bangor.
563    Battle of Cúl Dreimne
565    Columcille founds Iona
577 (583?)    Death of Brendan of Clonfert
590/1 (585?)    Columban (with 12 companions) leaves Ireland.
597    Death of Columcille
597    Augustine sent by Gregory the Great to Britain
605    Death of Augustine
615    Death of Columban
626    Conversion of Northumbria
629    Mag Lena (Birr) synod relating to Paschal Controversy (delegation to Rome)
634    Birth of Cuthbert and Wilfrid
635    Aidan at Lindisfarne
640    Death of Gall
640-650    Anon (Armagh?) writes ‘Book of the Angel’
651    Death of Aidan
664    Synod at Whitby, Colmán resigns his see (Lindisfarne), travels to Ireland.
664    Yellow Plague
661-700    Muirchú (Armagh) writes ‘Life of Patrick’.
668-720    Tírechán (Mayo) writes ‘Brief Account’ of Patrick.
688-704    Adomnan (Iona) writes ‘Life of Columcille’.
695    Willibrord (658 – 739 Irish) Apostle of the Frisians became bishop of Utrecht.
697    Synod of Birr, conformance of Ireland south.
716    Iona conforms to Roman position.
717    King Nectan banishes the Iona community. (?)
731    Bede (672-735) finishes his Ecclesiastical History
740 (?)    Aethelwold last Celtic bishop of Lindisfarne
754    Death of Boniface, apostle of Germany “authorized reformer from Rome”
768    Wales conforms to Roman position.
775 – 850 (approx)    Invasion of the Danes
1134-1148    Malachy, bishop of Armagh
1152    Synod of Kells.
1166    Invasion of Ireland by Henry II.
1172    Synod of Cashel, Irish Church loses its independence.