Patrick in the Ulster Annals

The Annals of the book of Ulster display Patrick as Roman Catholic. Patrick is however only confirmed in the faith (441) 9 years after being sent! He also dies in these Annals 25 years (492 and 493) after his successor Benignus (476). AD 571 is 100 years after Patrick’s death.

AD 431 Palladius, having been consecrated by Celestine, bishop of the city of Rome, is sent to Ireland in the consulship of Aetius and Valerius as first bishop to the Irish so that they might believe in Christ—in the eighth year of Theodosius.
AD 432 Patrick arrived in Ireland in the ninth year of the reign of Theodosius the Less and in the first year of the episcopate of Xistus, 42nd bishop of the Roman Church. So Bede, Maxcellinus and Isidore compute in their chronicles.
AD 439 Secundinus, Auxilius and Isserninus, themselves also bishops, are sent to Ireland to assist Patrick.
AD 441 Bishop Patrick was approved in the Catholic faith.
AD 443 Bishop Patrick flourishing in the fervour of the Faith and in the doctrine of Christ in our province.
AD 457 Repose of the elder Patrick, as some books state.
AD 461 Here some record the repose of Patrick.
AD 467 Repose of bishop Benignus, successor of Patrick.
AD 489 Repose of St Ciannán, to whom St Patrick presented the Gospel.
AD 492 The Irish state here that Patrick the Archbishop died.

  1. Three score years (we deem it few)
  2. And an mystic nine
  3. Patrick spent preaching in Ireland
  4. ……….with many miracles.
And Vincent in the Speculum Historiarum states that Patrick spent four score years in Ireland preaching and that at Patrick’s request God restored to life 40 persons; he founded 365 churches and created the same number of bishops, as well as 3000 priests; and he baptized 12,000.
AD 493 Patrick, arch-apostle, or archbishop and apostle of the Irish, rested on the 16th of the Kalends of April in the 120th year of his age, in the 60th year after he had come to Ireland to baptize the Irish.
AD 497 Repose of Cormac, bishop of Ard Macha, successor of Patrick.
AD 535 The falling alseep of Mochta, disciple of Patrick, on the 13th of the Kalends of September. Thus he himself wrote in his epistle: ‘Mauchteus, a sinner, priest, disciple of St Patrick, sends greetings in the Lord’.
AD 537 Or here, the falling asleep of St Mochta, disciple of Patrick.
AD 553 I have found this in the Book of Cuanu: The relics of Patrick were placed sixty years after his death in a shrine by Colum Cille. Three splendid halidoms were found in the burial-place: his goblet, the Angel’s Gospel, and the Bell of the Testament. This is how the angel distributed the halidoms: the goblet to Dún, the Bell of the Testament to Ard Macha, and the Angel’s Gospel to Colum Cille himself. The reason it is called the Angel’s Gospel is that Colum Cille received it from the hand of the angel.
AD 571 From the death of Patrick 100 years.
AD 664 In Mag Itha of Fotharta the plague first raged in Ireland. From the death of Patrick 203 years, and from the first mortality 112 years.
AD 734 The bringing on tour of the relics of Peter, Paul and Patrick to fulfil the law; and the slaying of Coibdenach son of Flann grandson of Congal.
AD 737 The law of Patrick was in force in Ireland.
AD 756 The burning of Bennchor the Great on St Patrick’s Day 17 March.
AD 767 Patrick’s law was enforced.
AD 783 Promulgation of Patrick’s law in Cruachain by Dub da Leithi and Tipraite son of Tadc.
AD 789 Dishonouring of the staff of Jesus and relics of Patrick by Donnchad son of Domnall at Ráith Airthir at an assembly.
AD 799 Patrick’s law promulgated in Connacht by Gormgal son of Dindathach.
AD 806 Patrick’s law promulgated by Aed son of Niall.
AD 809 The killing of Dúnchú, superior of Tulach Léis, beside the shrine of Patrick in the abbot’s house at Tulach Léis.
AD 809 The invasion of Ulaid by Aed son of Niall, as a result of the profanation of Patrick’s shrine to the dishonour of Dúnchú.
AD 811 Nuadu, abbot of Ard Macha, went to Connacht with Patrick’s law and his casket.
AD 818 Artrí, superior of Ard Macha, went to Connacht with the shrine of Patrick.
AD 823 Patrick’s law was imposed on Mumu by Feidlimid son of Crimthann, and by Artri son of Conchobor i.e. bishop of Ard Macha.
AD 825 Patrick’s law was imposed on the three Connachta by Artrí son of Conchobor, bishop of Ard Macha.
AD 831 The fair of Tailtiu was disturbed at the platforms owing to dissension over the shrine of MacCuilinn and the halidoms of Patrick, and many died as a result.