Who we are

IrishChristian.net had its origins in 1995, when Ben Santing started a homepage on IOL.ie, a series of webpages about St. Patrick. This is no longer in existence but all the information can be found in the history section of IrishChristian.net

From these pages came the vision to create a website providing information for Irish people about Christianity, especially in Ireland. This was the shared vision of both Ben Santing and Mike Mullins (currently director of OM Ireland). Mike Mullins had bought the names IrishChristian.com and 4you.ie. 4you.ie was given to Aontus for development.

In 2007 the name was changed from IrishChristian.com to IrishChristian.net, emphasising that we are not a commercial organisation (you cannot pay us and we do not solicit contributions) but a network of Irish Christians.

Current webmasters include Ben Santing’s two eldest daughters Julie and Caroline Santing.